Friday, January 8, 2010

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The Integrated Islamic Preschool uses advanced information and communications technology to assist the younger generation in paving their way towards an excellent and bright future. It has a unique and modern way of teaching Islam as well as its culture to young generation. The unique program of this Integrated Islamic Preschool is called E-Tunas.

The objectives of the Integrated Islamic Preschool is to instil the love of al-Qur’an and the spirit of Islam in the hearts of the children and let piety grow in them, and to make use of technology to enhance the understanding of its children.

Curriculum and syllabus designed specifically to comply with the new National Pre-school Curriculum with added emphasis on creativity and hands-on activities suitable for the young children (ages 5 to 6).

Pre-School Curriculum consists of the following subjects:
* Malay Language
* English Language
* Early Science
* Numeric
* Sport
* Early Nutrition
* Music


Restu Kids also offers Islamic arts course in order to introduce children to this beautiful art and establish the basic skill required to mastermind some of its fields. Among courses offered are:

* The Art of Illumination:Burst of ideas from various herbal motives and colouring techniques.* Kufi Script: Combinations of geometric art to form the ‘Kalimah’.

* The Art of Plaster of Paris:Instils the seeds of love of Allah and his Holy Prophet in the hearts of children.* The Art of ‘Ancient Paper’:Kids are taught through step-by-step instruction as well as hands-on learning the art of Ancient Paper like making.

* The Batik Splendour:Injects a dose of creativity coupled with principles of sensibility towards Islamic arts.

* The Uniqueness of Handam writingTo sharpens the skills of using this simple local fern known as the “Resam” or the “Handam” and enriches illustration-based writing.
Undoubtedly, the Qur’an and the knowledge of Fardu ‘Ain need serious attention by the Muslims, therefore Restu Kids designed a special course which teaches the younger generation the principles of Fardu ‘Ain and allows them to recite the Qur’an as well as the fulfillment of daily requirements of Muslims.
The course covers the following subjects and rituals:
* IQRA Recitals,
* basic Jurisprudence,
* Tawhid (oneness),
* Akhlaq (Morals),
* Sirah (Life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his companions
* lives of prophets
* Arabic Language
* Performing congregational prayer.

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